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The Importance Of Root Canal Cleaning And Preparation

When patients come into a dental practice and are found to have an infection in their root canal, often, dentists will have two treatment options to choose from. They can either remove the whole tooth through an extraction or remove the bacterial from the root canal system through a root canal procedure. More often than not, extraction is the last resort and many will opt to try and save a tooth, allowing their patients to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

During the root canal procedure, there are a number of different processes that will take place and whilst they are all undeniably important in their own right, some of the most notable in this regard are the cleaning and preparation processes. Below we have looked into these specific processes in more detail, highlighting exactly why they are always an incredibly important part of any patients’ root canal procedure. 

Removing all infected pulp

Often, the main reason why a root canal procedure is required in the first place is because the dental pulp, the soft tissue at the centre of the tooth, has been infected by bacteria and is starting to die. When this happens, the bacteria multiplies and spreads quite rapidly, which can cause a number of additional dental problems for a patient

During the root canal procedure, the tooth will be opened through the crown and cleaned to ensure that any infected pulp is completely removed. Of course, at this stage it is incredibly important to ensure that all of the infected pulp is removed, otherwise patients run the risk of the infections coming back and the tooth not being able to be saved. 

Enlarging the root canal 

The cleaning process isn’t over once the infected pulp has been removed, at this point the root canal will need to be enlarged so that it can be effectively filled. Without adequate filling, it is highly likely that bacteria will quickly infect any remaining pulp. Due to the fact that the root canal is usually very narrow, it is incredibly difficult to fill without enlargement. 

In addition to using a series of small files to effectively enlarge the root canal, many use cleanser products such as tgChelCream, EDTA cream for root canal cleaning and preparation, too. When using EDTA cream in a root canal procedure, it will lubricate the root canal and facilitate endodontic instrument penetration, making enlarging and shaping much easier. 

Producing a clean canal wall

Once enlarged, the root canal is almost ready to be filled, but at this stage, it is important to ensure that the canal is clean and completely prepared for the sealer to then be used. If this isn’t done, it is unlikely that the tooth will be hermetically sealed and this will put the patient at risk of future reinfections and more dental problems. 

Again, many will use products like EDTA cream for root canals to make cleaning the smear layer and debris much easier. This can help to produce clean canal walls which are perfectly primed for filling. Products like EDTA cream for root canals also have excellent antibacterial properties, which can help to ensure all bacteria is completely removed before filling/sealing. 

Purchasing root canal cleaning products 

All in all, it goes without saying really that the cleaning and preparation processes during a root canal procedure are incredibly important and ultimately, they are vital to the success of the procedure and the saving of a tooth. Of course, in order to ensure that all stages of the root canal procedure go according to plan, it is essential to use the best products available on the market too and this is something that all dental practices should aim to do. 

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