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Popular Root Canal Sealers Used At Dental Practices

For many dentists, handling endodontics will be something they do on a frequent basis and root canal procedures, in particular, are commonly required to help patients save a tooth. Whether a patient is suffering from tooth decay, a leaking filling or damage to their teeth as a result of trauma, unfortunately, infections in the root canal system aren’t uncommon and when bacteria has invaded the tooth, a root canal procedure will be essential. 

Arguably, one of the most important parts of a root canal treatment comes at the end and this is the sealing of the tooth. By sealing the tooth, you will be effectively able to prevent reinfections, but of course, you will need to use a high quality sealer in order to do so. Thankfully, there are a number of tried and tested products available on the market and if you’re not getting on well with the root canal sealer you’re currently using, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Some of the most popular products include; 

CeraSeal silicate-based bioceramic root canal sealer

This bioceramic sealer is incredibly sought-after and it is popular as it is able to provide the optimal biocompatible environment to tissues in the root canal. So, not only does it have excellent sealing ability, but it also provides exemplary biocompatibility too.

The CeraSeal silicate-based bioceramic root canal sealer creates an antimicrobial action that eliminates the bacteria present in the root canal and it is also designed to never shrink or expand, so it is a durable filling material. Many like the fact that this bioceramic root canal sealer is a premixed sealer too, so it is incredibly convenient and easy to use in daily practice.

Adseal resin-based root canal sealer

This resin-based root canal sealer is another that is known for offering excellent biocompatibility and when inserted into a dry canal, it has hermetic sealing ability, so you will never need to worry about the capabilities of this sealer. 

The Adseal resin-based root canal sealer is one that you will have to mix yourself, but it is incredibly easy to do so and create a usable paste. This product is insoluble in tissue fluids too and it is a permanent solution. When using this resin-based root canal sealer, patients can have peace of mind knowing that it is non-staining to the teeth as well. 

Tgadseal resin-based root canal sealer

This is another resin-based root canal sealer and similarly to both of the other options mentioned above, it offers impressive biocompatibility. This easy to mix paste is compatible with all gutta percha obturation techniques. 

The Tgadseal resin-based root canal sealer is an epoxy matrix sealer and again, it is a popular choice because of it’s hermetic sealing ability. With a setting time of just 45 minutes at 37 C, it is incredibly convenient for dentists to use and it doesn’t shrink at all during setting. This sealer contains no irritants and easily adheres to canal walls ensuring a permanent effective seal. 

Tgsealer zinc eugenol root canal sealer

This root canal sealer differs from those mentioned above as it is a zinc eugenol sealer and it is an anti-inflammatory. When used in a root canal procedure, due to the fact it contains antiseptic and antichloristic additives, it provides welcome relief to the patient. 

The Tgsealer zinc eugenol root canal sealer has high adhesion properties and also seals hermetically. Many professionals choose to use this sealer due to its long workable properties and fine flowing consistency, making application incredibly easy. This sealer doesn’t irritate periapical tissues or decolourise the structure of the tooth either. 

Investing in root canal sealers 

There really are a number of brilliant root canal sealers available on the market these days and it is easy to see why all of the different options mentioned above are frequently used at dental practices. When wanting to try a new sealer product, it is undoubtedly worthwhile looking into any of these products in more detail and you can trust that no matter which you end up choosing, it will be more than suitable for use during root canal treatments. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase root canal sealers from, be sure to visit the DentDirect website. We are proud to stock all of the different products mentioned above and we also have a number of other endodontic-related products that will likely be beneficial to you as well. Should you have any questions at all about us as a supplier before you invest in new dental products, feel free to contact us today, we will happily provide you with any additional information that you may require.