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How to use Self Cure Universal Composite “tgChemicure”

Instructions for Use

General Comments

tgchemicure Composite Restorative Self Cure is a resin-bonded crystalline silicon dioxide composite. Starting with the original research of Dr. R.L. Bowen at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington,D.C, tgchemicure composite restorative has been developed to represent the finest composite dental restorative material available. It should be stored in a cool dry place, but does not require refrigeration. tgchemicure composite is homogenized, it does not require stirring to keep the components from separating. tgchemicure composite contains no free acid which might cause pulp irritation. Because of its superb optical properties, this “UNIVERSAL” composite requires tinting in relatively few instances.

Cavity Preparation

Prepare cavity in the conventional manner. No special liner is required and tgchemicure composite filling material is compatible with calcium hydroxide and zinc phosphate cements.

Mixing Instructions

  1. Using the rounded end of the disposable plastic spatula, remove from the jar of Catalyst Paste an amount slightly less than the volume of the cavity to be filled. Transfer this paste to the top sheet of the mixing pad. Replace cap on jar immediately.
  2. Using the flat squared end of the disposable plastic spatula, remove from the jar of Base Paste an amount approximately Equal to the Cavity Paste taken.
  3. Using the flat squared end of the disposable plastic spatula, mix the two pastes for about 20 seconds using 1 to 2 strokes per second. The objective is to make the mixture as homogeneous as possible during this time. tgchemicure composite restorative Self Cure is now ready to insert in the cavity.

Mixing Precautions

  • Keep tgchemicure composite filling material jars covered when not in use.
  • Remove only the amount of paste needed. Never return either tgchemicure composite material paste to its jar.
  • Always use both ends of the spatula as described in “Mixing Instructions”.
  • Be certain to avoid cross-contamination of the pastes. The presence of either paste in the other will result in hardening of the paste in the jars.
  • Never use a disposable spatula a second time. A used spatula could be a source of contamination.
  • Do not use a metal spatula for mixing tgchemicure composite filling material.


Insert the mixed tgchemicure composite material into the dried, prepared cavity using a non-matallic instrument designed for this purpose. Use a slight excess and apply matrix band. A mylar band is to be preferred. tgchemicure composite material will begin to harden in about 2 minutes from the beginning of the mixing time which will allow about 1 minutes 40 seconds for placement. The tgchemicure composite paste will set during the next 2 minutes and should not be disturbed during this period. Another 2 minutes will complete the hardening time when the matrix band may be removed and the surface of the filling finished and polished.


At the end of six minutes from the beginning of mixing tgchemicure composite Base & Catalyst, remove feather flash with a sharp instrument. Finish if necessary using a diamond or carborundum or carbide bur. Various polishing materials are available which give good results.


Intention for use in Aesthetic restorations of teeth filling cavities.


Crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide Bis-gma Stabilizer Chemical initiators The composite restorative self cure is not irritable to the skin. In case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately with abundant water for at least 15 minutes and if the irritation still persist consult a doctor. In case of contact with skin wash the area with soap and water. In case of inhalation clean the nose with water and seek medical assistance. Before the use of these products always use rubber dam. Some patients can present allergy to the composite restorative self cure or any of its components. In this case stop its use. Do not store at temperature above 24°C. Close the packages immediately after dispensing of the product. Keep out of reach of children. For professional dental use only.