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White Class Kit, Take-home dental bleaching gel

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White Class
Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 4%, 6%, 7.5%, and 10% for supervised at-home use.
• Potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride as desensitizing agents.
• Contains calcium.

Double Desensitizing Action: Neural action of potassium nitrate and occlusive sodium fluoride. Potassium nitrate is an effective agent in the treatment of hyperesthetic dentin. Its action is based on the fact that the increased concentration of extracellular potassium depolarizes the membranes of nerve fibers, blocking the passage of the stimulus, reducing hypersensitivity.
Calcium: Prevents demineralization and reduces hypersensitivity.
Quickness: Shorter daily wearing time.
4%: 2 hours a day,
6%: 1 hour and 30 hours a day
7,5%: 1 hour a day
10%: 30 minutes a day
• Whitening of vital teeth using the at-home whitening technique supervised by a dentist.
Register the teeth shade so that the dentist and the patient can have a comparison parameter for the whitening. Recording of teeth shade can be made using a shade guide or a photograph.
Molding: molding can be made with alginate and must properly copy all teeth that will be whitened.Mold is made of stone-gypsum, in order to prevent bubbles. It is not necessary to relief the model to create gel shells.Place the 1mm acetate plate Whiteness Plates for Molds (FGM) into the thermal laminator until forming a slight bending due to the heat. Then, pull the plastic state plate over the gypsum model, so the suction can thermal format the mold into the model. The plate’s removal must be made after it has fully cooled down.


White Class Kit: 4x Syringes with 3g of gel each, Tips, 1x Tray case, 1x Organizer case and Exclusive next appointment reminder card.

White Class Refill: 1x Syringe with 3g of gel and Tip



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