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ViroHunter: Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam/5 Litres Refill /Fragrance & Alcohol Free

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ViroHunter is Alcohol Free Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam

Alcohol free disinfection solution  does not cause dryness or irritation to skin. Users say that ViroHunter has a conditioning effect even with constant use. Some customers have also reported that after using ViroHunter, dermatitis and other skin conditions have diminished.
ViroHunter hand sanitisers are available  as a disinfectant foam for use without water on visibly clean hands between patient treatments , or for routine hand disinfection during daily work .


Intended Use:

for Disinfection of visibly clean hands without water.

Instruction for Use:

Apply up to two squirts of foam to dry hands and massage well , especially between fingers and nails. Do not rinse. apply regularly , particularly before and after contact with contaminated  items.

Ingredients :

Water Quatemary Ammonium Compounds and chelating Agent . All Actives are supported under the EU BPR Active substance Review program  for use with human  hygiene biocidal products (1) and private and public Health Area Disinfectants (2) . Active ingredients comprise less than 1% by Volume and no individual ingredient exceeds 0.1% .


Packaging : 5 Litres container

1 review for ViroHunter: Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Foam/5 Litres Refill /Fragrance & Alcohol Free

  1. Sharon D. (verified owner)

    Good value for money. Arrived promptly.

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