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tgloy SafeCap Capsules \ Amalgam Low Silver

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tgloy Capsules

Dental Amalgam Alloy

Among its many excellent characteristics are:

  • Blend of lathe cut and spherical particles enabling ease of condensing with small face pluggers and smooth carving surface
  • Excellent proven mechanical properties ensuring strong lustrous and long lasting restoration
  • Morphology, uniform chemistry and particle distribution allowing hand-triturating, use in both high and low-speed and powder-dispensing amalgamators without problems of clogging, agglomeration or chemistry imbalance
  • High early strength enabling strong margins to be established without breakage and reducing risk of bulk fractures during the first few hours of restoration
  • Does not contain zinc thus eliminating problems normally associated with moisture during the restoration process
  • Very low static creep factor which helps prevent marginal ditching and thus increases the life and service of the restoration
  • Available in both powder and capsules


tgloy SafeCap or ScrewCap Capsules are packed in tubs of 50 Capsules each. The SafeCap Capsules come with a small plastic stick to open the capsule with.

Capsules: 1 Spill (LO 1S) , 2 Spills (LO 2S) , 3 Spills (LO 3S)


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