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SeBond: Self Etching Bonding System

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seBond w/Activator

Self Etching Bonding System

seBond w/Activator is a light-curing, self etching, self conditioning dentine/enamel Adhesive/bonding system


  • Bonding system for all Light Cure or Self Cure composites, compomers and ormoceres
  • For dentine and enamel. Compatible with all prevalent products


  • Latest state of the art technology (6th generation), suitable for all prevalent composites
  • Very high shear bond strength for all light or self cured restorative materials
  • Easy and time saving application; Etching, priming and bonding in two steps only
  • No need for etching
  • Water based primer
  • No post operative sensitivity
  • Reliable depth of demineralization
  • Long lasting restorations


Kit1: 5ml Primer, 5 ml Bond, 5 ml Activator, 2 x 25 Micro brushes, mixing pallet


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