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Mtwo Rotary / 4 Instruments in Blister

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£16.00 ex VAT


Easy to switch from manual to mechanical root canal preparation

  • Simple: One sequence for all canals.
  • Single Length: All instruments are brought to full working length.
  • Simultaneous Shaping: Mtwo® cuts automatically while advancing apically and also laterally when using a brushing file movement.
  • Well thought through system: Each instrument creates a glide path for the next one.
  • No unnecessary loss of tooth substance: Mtwo only removes as much substance as necessary. 10/.04 15/.05 20/.06 25/.06

Your Advantages: reliable mechanical glide path, efficient dentine removal, effective shaping and safe preparation of all canal anatomies.

  • Reliable mechanical glide path preparation with instrument sizes 10/.04 and 15/.05: Large, constant helical angle and hence more spirals for increased instrument stability.
  • Efficient dentine removal and precise shaping with instrument sizes 20/.06 and 25/.06:  Active cutting blades and a progressive pitch enable efficient dentine removal and excellent lateral cutting ability.
  • Effective preparation without unnecessary loss of tooth substance with instrument sizes 30/.05, 35/.04, 40/.04: The instruments’ reduced taper means the apical third is enlarged without unnecessarily weakening the tooth. Increased safety due to minimum stress.
  • Trouble-free preparation of larger canals with instruments such as the 50/.04 or 40/.06:  A reduced cross-section for instruments with larger ISO
    sizes and tapers ensures instrument flexibility and safe root canal preparation.

Product information

S-shaped cross-section with two active cutting edges

  • Small instrument core for high flexibility
  • Reduced cross-section for Mtwo instruments with larger ISO sizes and greater tapers such as the Mtwo 40/.06

MTwo Basic sequence:

  • 16 mm working part (21 or 25 mm working length)
  • 21 mm working part (25 or 31 mm working length)

MTwo Shaping of Larger Canal Anatomies:

  • 16 mm working part (21 or 25 mm working length)
  • 21 mm working part (31 mm working length)

MTwo Retreatment Files :

  • R 25/.05 for wide and medium canals
  • R 15/.05 for narrow canals


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