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Implant Mask / scan , Addition curing special silicone, flexible gingival masks for implant

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Addition curing special silicone for manufacturing flexible gingival masks for implant procedures. Free-flowing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant.

Flows evenly around impression coping with freeflowing properties. Very high elasticity allows repositioning as required. Very easily milled with high final hardness, approx. 70 Shore A.

Scan Version, for unpowdered digital 3D recording. Readable by all standard digital scanners, high recording quality for interference-free image reproduction and data processing. Colour: gingiva

Standard packing scanArticle number: 03374

2 cartridges mini-mix 1:1 à 10 ml
6 mixing cannulas, light green 1:1
15 ml separating liquid for silicones, vaporizer


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