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Orthodontic Adhesive Kit

Orthodontic Adhesive Kit ‌ Excellent properties for bonding ceramics, metal and plastic brackets to teeth, also used for tooth gem bonding. Perfect viscosity enabling bracket positioning before fixing. Eliminates bracket floatation and allows easy cleaning. Easy removal and replacement of brackets without damage to enamel. There are two types Light Cure and Self Cure. tgortho […]

The Importance Of Root Canal Cleaning And Preparation

When patients come into a dental practice and are found to have an infection in their root canal, often, dentists will have two treatment options to choose from. They can either remove the whole tooth through an extraction or remove the bacterial from the root canal system through a root canal procedure. More often than […]

Choosing Between Resin-Based and Silicate-Based Root Canal Sealers

A root canal treatment is a surprisingly common dental procedure that is specifically designed to treat an infection at the centre of a tooth. During this procedure, a dentist will open up a tooth through the crown and remove any infected pulp from the root canal system. Once the pulp has been removed, it is […]

Popular Root Canal Sealers Used At Dental Practices

For many dentists, handling endodontics will be something they do on a frequent basis and root canal procedures, in particular, are commonly required to help patients save a tooth. Whether a patient is suffering from tooth decay, a leaking filling or damage to their teeth as a result of trauma, unfortunately, infections in the root […]

Essential Products To Invest In For Root Canal Dental Procedures

As you’re probably aware, a root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth, in the root canal system, caused by bacteria that live in the mouth which have invaded the tooth. Often, this procedure is able to save a tooth that would likely have […]

Things To Think About When Offering Hygienist Appointments At Your Practice

These days, it is becoming much more common for dental practices to have at least one specialist dental hygienist who can offer patients essential hygienist appointments. If you don’t currently have someone at your practice and you’re unable to offer these services, it is likely that you will have to refer your patients to other […]

Must-Have Infection Control Dental Supplies

Similarly to all other types of medical practices, every dental practice will need to ensure that they are doing all they can to prevent cross-infection in their premises. Whilst, generally speaking, the risk of infection in dentistry is fairly low, nevertheless, it is still important to mitigate any potential risks in this regard. For this […]

Why have Silver Fillings Become Increasingly Popular Over the Years?

In truth, there are countless reasons behind dental practices recommending that the use of either silver or white fillings is a practical course-of-action. Some will point to the advice given by the World Health Organisation, whilst others will say that the scientific evidence which they have been provided has cleared up any lingering doubts. Thanks […]

Which Dental Hygiene Supplies Should your Practice Stock up on?

Unfortunately, during the numerous lockdowns that have been caused due to the coronavirus pandemic, many dental facilities have had to shut their doors temporarily. Whilst this is understandable, it has meant that countless practices are being forced to replace materials and equipment which has gone out of date. Thankfully, there is no reason to panic […]

How to use Self Cure Universal Composite “tgChemicure”

Instructions for Use Please note For Professional Dental use only. General Comments tgchemicure Composite Restorative Self Cure is a resin-bonded crystalline silicon dioxide composite. Starting with the original research of Dr. R.L. Bowen at the National Bureau of Standards, Washington,D.C, tgchemicure composite restorative has been developed to represent the finest composite dental restorative material available. […]